Supply Chain Management

Delite Merchandise delivers cost-efficient products wholesale from China. We source factories in China, manage orders and synchronize efforts and exports.Learn More

About Us

Delite Merchandise is a supply chain specialist based in Shanghai. We help our clients buy wholesale from China, pool products and ship Full Container Loads.


We bring industry expertise gained from hands-on experiences on a wide range of functions, sectors, and locations in China. We are able to set up industry specific solutions thanks to our understanding of the ins and out of wholesale from China and its export processes. Learn More

Reaching beyond the scope of Sourcing Companies

Supply chain management encompasses all activities from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics, may that be when importing from China wholesale or from any other country. Delite Merchandise tailors supply chains that aim at maximizing customer value and achieving a sustainable competitiveness. Activities we engage in involve selecting vendors in China, developing products in China, setting up supply chains in China (including sourcing from China), planning and executing shipments from China to the rest of the world.

Each day, we tackle the challenges of setting up and managing our clients supply chains. Tirelessly, we search and filter new vendors, put forward costing solutions, plan and execute manufacturing in key locations. More comprehensive than sourcing companies, our solutions reach beyond activities such as sourcing from China or importing from China, wholesale or retail.

Supply chain building and optimization is as vital to our clients as reaching their sales target and expanding their markets. Solutions we put forward are turn-key solutions that are developed based on each business size, capacity and potential. Our people provide foreign buyers with new products for sourcing from China, or new ways to manage importing from China.

Creating or reorganizing supply chains can be very time & money consuming for a business. Any simple product is made of components that may involve several layers of subcontractors. When aiming for cost reductions, selecting the right factories in China, or shipping lines from China, and right shipment schedules is key. Our people handle the heavy work for our clients, come up with solutions and plans that will transform a mere sourcing from China strategy into a fully operational supply chain that allows for flexibility and growth.

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