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Giving back the power to sales is our aim. We thrive on building efficient and flexible supply chains in China for your business.

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Delite Merchandise is a supply chain management company and export company based in Shanghai. We are creating and enhancing the supply chains in China that empower businesses on a global scale. From vendor selection to delivery, our end-to-end solutions encompass your needs and tackle inefficiencies.

Your Supply chain management company in China

Building and managing strong and sustainable supply chains in China is our mission. As supply chain specialists and business people, we know how vital an efficient supply chain the success of any wholesale or retail business oversea . This is why we, as a team of young, capable and result-driven team of supply chain specialists who gather hands on experience as well as industry expertise, are dedicating our days to building, growing and perfecting supply chains for your business.

Our end-to-end solutions are flexible, they can be tailored to your business specifics needs and growth rate. We combine industry specific knowledge with the capacity to handle supply chain operations in China. At Delite Merchandise, experienced supply chain specialists get support from :
– a Sourcing Team: ensures that Chinese vendors are qualified and offer the best value for money deals.
– a QA Team: handles all quality related matters such as sampling, compliance, and testing in China.
– a Logistics Team: finds the best cost to time ratio for your delivery from China and handles product pooling as well as warehousing in China.

On the frontline of operations

Delite Merchandise holds the necessary resources to operate multiple orders at once, coordinate Audits, Inspections, Consolidation and LCL or FCL shipments from China. Our headquarters are located in Shanghai but we manage operations in over 5 different regions in China.

Dealing with businesses is dealing with people

Delite Merchandise is the kind of supply chain management company that puts a lot of importance on the quality of its service. This is why we select people that are dedicated and go to great lengths to tackle our clients issues. Our project managers follow projects from start to years on, thus allowing a stable and knowledgeable manager for your business’s operations in China.

Why partnering with a supply chain management company in China

A supply chain management company encompasses management of sourcing, product development, contracting, manufacturing, quality, logistics, etc… activities. These activities require much efforts and coordination. Below we have listed a few of the added value of a supply chain management company in China brings to buyers overseas.

Managing the suppliers and Tier II Suppliers for you

Most of the goods manufactured in China are made of several parts or components. These parts of components or even some production processes may be contracted by a supplier to another supplier. Managing layers of suppliers at a time is called Tier II supplier management. It positively affects the whole chain since it allows suppliers to plan, organize and most importantly cost according to the buyer’s volume of purchase. When necessary, a supply chain management company can decide to source all the supply chain itself and create a tailored supply chain solution.

Managing standards, audits and inspections

A supply chain management company is involved in quality assurance. Informing suppliers, auditing them, enforcing standards and performing inspections of batches of products are key to ensuring that batches of products are fit for sale and do not represent a liability for the selling company abroad. Delite Merchandise puts forward quality assurance schemes that fit in our clients supply chains while keeping them cost effective.

Managing complex shipping plans

Seafreight, airfreight, rail freight are all straightforward shipping solutions. Delite Merchandise brings the expertise of a supply chain management company in handling complex shipping schemes such as consolidated shipment, product pooling, multi-destination shipments, warehousing in China and scheduled shipments from China. Shipping costs fluctuate but volume helps, Delite Merchandise team does not take a shipping route for granted and regularly sends out RFQ to shipping companies in China.

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