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You have reached our Contact Us page, your “find A Supply Chain Specialist” search may have directed you directly here, and we are grateful.

We thrive on engaging in new challenges that develop into better profits for our clients. Wherever your business is located, as long as your supply chain is or will be in China, we are on the frontline.

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How can we help you?

  • Distributed Manufacturing

    Manufacturing parts in different physical locations. Managing the supply chain to bring them together for final assembly

  • Product Pooling & Warehousing in China

    We are capable of handling deliveries to a strategic location in China. Pooling products from factories and China to ship as a full container load can help you make significant savings when shipping from China.

  • One Stop Purchasing

    Handling dozens of suppliers at once requires a team of skilled and tireless professionals. That is exactly who we are.

We Are Supply Chain Specialist!

Delite Merchandise is a supply chain specialist. We specialize in creating and enhancing the supply chains that empower your businesses. We cater to a large range of needs, encompassing industries and products range.

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  • Distributed Manufacturing
  • Product Pooling & Warehousing in China
  • One Stop purchasing in China

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