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Supply Chain: Industries & Sector Specific Knowledge

Industry specific knowledge and practies is key to managing better, faster and more profitable supply

At Delite Merchandise, we combine extensive supply chain, industry specific knowledge with high quality service. Your orders are always managed swiftly and carefully.

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Delite Merchandise provides 360° solutions to those who seek to buy electric bike from China in bulk. We set up e-bike supply chains in China that feature maximum flexibility in terms of product design, value for money ratio and risk-managed investment. We dedicate our knowledge, experience, and resources to the success of our clients’ electric bike wholesale projects. Ultimately, we take pride in the fact that our achievements lead to better lifestyles, greener attitude and most importantly a better lifestyle for all!

Sourcing only the best value in the electric bike wholesale market

A strong and sustainable electric bike wholesale is key to establishing the sound foundations to a thriving e-bike business. Our knowledge of the domestic market, including Chinese components suppliers, metal working factories in China, Chinese ebike assembly lines, key Chinese importers of standard parts creates as many opportunities to our clients businesses. Delite Merchandise staff identifies, screens and deals with a pool of strictly selected suppliers.
More than just an ebike or ebike range, we provide our clients with a complete electric bike wholesale supply chain involving several layers of suppliers. Geared towards achieving value while controlling costs and risks, our solutions take into account the client purchasing strategy, resources, and capacity.

Buy electric bike from China wholesale more efficiently

Our clients are foreign brands, ebike manufacturers and importers. In order to satisfy a large range of businesses, we adapt our solutions to the market and segment target. Our team thrives on challenges, this is why we never turn our back to demanding projects that require unwavering involvement.
Our working process is tested, our staff is familiar with the ins and outs of the procurement trade. We are able to efficiently process clients projects, pinpoint limits and pivotal variables. These skills, coupled with familiarity with both manufacturing and sales landscapes are determining to buy electric bike from China.

Managing the risks of importing electric bike wholesale

Risks our clients are exposed to when dealing with electric bike wholesale manufacturers is kept to a minimum. Delite Merchandise enjoys a supplier network that includes some of the biggest manufacturers of electric bike parts in China. In addition to process-oriented safeguards, we implement Quality Assurance tools that enhance the safety of the supply chain. Rather than incessantly solving issues, we spend resources preventing them from happening. We work hard to achieve cost and time savings, but our attitude to quality is resolute.

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