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Supply Chain: Industries & Sector Specific Knowledge

Industry specific knowledge and practies is key to managing better, faster and more profitable supply

At Delite Merchandise, we combine extensive supply chain, industry specific knowledge with high quality service. Your orders are always managed swiftly and carefully.

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Source and import medical supplies from China

Delite Merchandise handles sourcing, purchasing, quality control, inventory for businesses that import medical supplies from china. Our skills, expertise and local presence are an unmatched asset for importers, distributors and medical disposables brands.

Bolstering the in-house team : additional supply chain resources

Buyers, importers and brands may not have the resources to employ a full team of purchasing professionals. Plus, Delite Merchandise provides concrete solutions to help alleviate the pressure and workload of the in-house team while putting enough resources and expertise at disposal to empower people and processes involved in import medical supplies from China.

In a nutshell, allocating our own resources to the Client’s benefit directly increases ROI, alleviates in-house teams and in-house management. In-house resources can focus again on sales and cost strategies.

Widening the reach : multiplying vendors and opportunities

Working with us to manage part of the import of medical supplies from China increases productivity levels (handling a greater workload with less in-house staff). Moreover, our existing network of Chinese medical disposables manufacturers represents countless opportunities for cost saving, growing the product range, and identifying new product opportunities.

In a nutshell, access to our network of vendors, and sourcing specialists impacts positively on the sourcing opportunities, costing strategy and potential for supply chain improvement.

Managing the risks : increasing safeguards while fighting non conformities

Risks our clients are exposed to when dealing with import medical supplies from China can be process related or product related. We set up milestones, safeguards through Quality Management, while enforcing quality on-site using tools such as Audits, Quality Control etc… Our professionals are familiar with medical supplies safety requirements, labelling policies and expectations for manufacturing and storage in China.

In a nutshell, our team not only sets up safeguards to reduce risks up-front and efficiently process and settle disruptive situations such as non-conformities with minimum effects on import medical supplies from China.

We handle the day-to-day hassles of import medical supplies from China

We cater to companies which supply chain teams are under-resourced, are facing escalating demands or plan on an aggressive sales strategy to expand its market share. Delite Merchandise allocates the necessary resources to manage import of medical supplies from China. Day-to-day and repetitive actions are processed by our team, clearing time on the foreign’s purchasing team to deal with local operations in their market.

In a nutshell, resources allocated by Delite Merchandise relieves the Client’s purchasing team, while ensuring that key decisions and management systems meet the Client’s expectations.

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